Your Face

Scanning pictures

Family pictures

Over forty-five years

Some kindle blazing memories

Others are fuzzy

Needing more time

To remember

Or maybe I need

You to be my memory

For me to see that moment again

In that picture

I know I was there

The date tells me that

But you can still be there

Like a movie camera

With an old film

The images frozen in your head

While those same images

Have seeped out of my mind

Don’t know why that picture is not in my mind

But they are in yours

So I will share if that is okay

Don’t leave

I’m just now remembering

The story of our lives

Like an old Super 8

The images blur and stutter

But you are reading it to me

Page by page

Picture by picture

Don’t leave

It is such a good story

You tell it so well

With such feeling

I’m able to relive our history

Moments that have slipped away

You recreate for me

Out of fading images on a darkening screen

I’m glad they are back

Please, please

Read me me the story of our pictures together

It is our story

A very good story

A very good book

With a happy ending

As I memorize your face


Till you read to me

I love you



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