So it was set

A trip to the country

Just a few hours

Maybe some antique shops

A little musty but intriguing

So hard getting used to being alone again

So many times we worried

About what the kids wanted

Or needed

Now we had to discover

What we really wanted

More important what you liked and desired

Oh yes, I knew you liked chocolate frosting

But I didn’t know you liked cream cheese frosting also

I guess we didn’t get to that on our first or second date

Well now I know

So we drove to a specific spot, Bardstown

Oh my gosh, we forgot how long it has been since we went to


Then, so busy and so new

Camping and playing with the children

We, young and full of energy

Now we kept looking for restrooms and

Dairy Queens

Well fortunately we found both

Not really a Dairy Queen but a McDonalds with ice cream cones

We just wanted to look at each other

To search for that moment when we just squeezed

Just because we were together

But we were confused

We though just by getting away

That the old magic would pour

Out of the bottle again

And all the old feelings

Would flood back

But it seems we will have to piece

It back together

The old haunts

The old memories

We will do it

And we will

Come back to Bardstown



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