Such a quandary

God or no God

Supreme Being or not

None of us have concrete proof

Staring at us

Unable to be refuted

How about good or evil?

One person’s sin

Is another’s right

So much is belief

Religious commandments

God’s law

Ultimately humans

Say what is or was God’s law

And prescribe penalties

For non-adherence

Just humans we are

Seemingly not programmed

To be what someone else

Sees as ‘good’ or ‘evil’

Rules religious or government

Help define good or evil

So truly

Does each of us

Have to spend a lifetime

Searching our souls

To know

The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of our existence

For what can actually

Never be known

Certainly a number don’t care

Or want to know

Or can’t act on what they do know

Some are not interested

In expanding the possibilities

In their own lives

Some have never been given the chance

Accident of birth, race, wealth, handicap

So seriously

Is ‘Who are we?’

A question most worry about

In the struggle just to survive

Does it even matters?

Well my personal observation

Is that when you hold my hand

We become ONE



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