You don’t stand a chance

Don’t often have Jesse with me

Three years old, cute blond,

Another one who calls me PaPa

Needed to get my protyme checked

Look it up

A five minute procedure

But one with Jesse in tow took 10

Well actually she is not Jesse

But seemigly evey woman who saw her knew who she was

Dressed in a cowgirl outfit, which I had not even noticed

A mirror image of a character from ‘Toy Story’

‘Toy Story’, I saw ‘Toy Story, 1,2,3,4’

Don’t rmember a Jesse

Is there some chathartic clarvoyance missing in men

A three year old walks in a room and all eyes turn

She knows it and slows to pose

Being acknowledged for whom she purports to be, Jesse

What is that mental imagery that exists between women

Know now best to just move on

Yet even getting off the elevator, another arriving patient

Spies my tag along

Greets her with ‘Jesse’

Need to take my chances with getting out the door

With my girl

Frank X Cameron 5/6/2020


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