Not long enough

Goodbyes were said with hugs and a kiss

You off to share your support with family

A distant city requiring a fairly long flight

Four days the time frame

Instructions had been given

Tasks assigned

Projects that had stymied for years

It was now assumed

Would be completed by a lost sheep

With no shepherd in sight

The schedule was imposing and at least daunting

Each morning with coffee brewing

A list was generated of goals to be accomplished

Four days now seemed like minutes or eternity

Paralyzed knowing that in 50 years this responsibility

Had never been all mine

Yet now before the airplane door closed

I was left with one more request

Make sure you take our antique chairs to be priced for sale

The door was closed before I could even process in my mind

All the antique chairs we have owned over the years

Which chairs, which chairs

My tears as you left were a mixture

Of sadness and confusion

Quite sure your return

Will nonetheless elicit joy if not relief

Just glad to once again share

Our meandering possessions

Frank X Cameron 3/2/2020


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