Nothing new under the sun

Warm breezes finally waft over

A body locked in a long cool winter and spring

Eager to welcome the sun

A new day

But one fraught with endless anxiety

Fears, doubts

A virus one of thousands

Laying dormant

In our own bodies

Has woken now

Marauding the land

Scrambling powerful people

Once again convinced

Mother Nature can be tamed

Seek to slay this dragon of sickness

All that can really be hoped for

Is to allay the dreaded fatal predictions

Yesterday well maybe not yesterday

Headlines blared dire warnings

About drunk drivers, child abuse,

Unregulated firearms, Democrats, Republicans

Cancer, incurable diseases

Foregoing discussion of the good

Being done by people who just like yesterday

Are sacrificing themselves for others

And always will

For truly they are always with us,

Have always been with us

The happenstance of life

The joys and sorrows

Our inheritance

The good and evil

Of our lives

Could be our personal autobiography

“One Person’s Battle Against the Vagaries of Life”

FXC 3/29/2020


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