Once upon a time

Long , long ago

In a tiny Chicago suburb

Nestled so close to Lake Michigan

Lived two children

Still clawing their way through high school

Inexperienced in life and love

Nonetheless with the urging of normal biology instincts

Began a story 51 years long

Rife with passion, sadness and joy

So many books with so many similarities

Why this journey though harrowing at times

Stayed on the tracks though often the turns in the road

Might seem to derail

When other stories were cut short far before their time

Prognostications would indicate no possibility of success

Life never predictable

Vagaries permeating

Left this couple to chance

Still with gnarled hands

Clinging to friends and family

Tired eyes still smiling

Grandchildren, yard work, sewing and writing

Await, the story not finished

Though no longer rushing headlong

Seems the heart will pen the final chapters

Of this tale now along the banks of the Ohio

Peaceful moments, grateful memories, thank you all!

FXC frankxcameron.com Copyright 9/13/2020

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