Mind games with a 4 year old

Old enough now to expect respect

Maybe even demand respect

From the younger generation

Really younger generation

And more to the point

When playing a head game one on one

The assumption is that I know the ending, I WIN

Not anticipating one so young would see clear through

My alleged sense of humor

Case in point

On the swing set, said young culprit was not behaving

Was told I would find the biggest stick possible for correction

Suddenly the swinging stoppecd

Little feet quickly found a bush and branches

Very carefully a little hand found a little stick

Brought it to me

Simply stating, “Here PaPa”

Understood almost immediately

Someone had played a head game on me.

Insult to injury

No eye contact was made

Will just have to up my game!

FXC 9/13/2020 Copyright frankxcameron.com

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