30 minutes, slow down

Heard tell the heavyweight of

Package delivery

Has put their foot down and

Will now deliver packages in 30 minutes

Using drones

Drones, a word, a concept

That didn’t exist till Star Wars

This march of progress

Has now become a race

To increase the population of hoarders

What is it that needs to be somewhere in 30 minutes

Mothers in a delivery room

I get that

Pain relieving medicine

Makes sense

Bride walking down the aisle

Oh dear Lord please hurry

There are more examples

But none that need to be at my house in 30 minutes

Including food, sex and religion

Trust me I need a good thirty minutes

Before I’m ready in any of those areas

So hold on to your stop watches

Take a survey of individuals sitting on their porches

Waiting for the sun to rise or set, the rain to soak the lawn or just smiling as grandchildren roll in the grass

I’m not worried about thirty minutes

Let’s try a switch

Let me just enjoy this thirty minutes

But who is counting

FXC 9/1/2020 Copyright


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