We are too close

There are those with whom casual defines the relationship

Others with whom there is a nodding aquantaince

At work there are often many friends

Till an invitation to go for drinks after work

Then the friends list is pared down

Occasionally there are those with whom a confidence is shared with

How that confidence is shared by your confident

Will determine how long they remain your confidant

Beyond that there are those with whom you are too close

Discretion was compromised in an unguarded moment

When eyes meet there is an acknowledged moment

A breach of decorum has occurred

Too much is revealed

Possible wishes, dreams, hopes, sadness

Feelings which bind

We are too close and I must go!

FXC 5/1/2020 Copyright frankxcameron.com

2 thoughts on “We are too close

  1. Interesting….’60’s you noted involved a “space of embrace”…..3 feet….identical to your too close. Twice the safe distance today..we could touch, hold hands at 6 feet….and we choose to refrain. Frank, I hate to think what we are doing to out sense of oneness. This is a very wicked virus.

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