Ah, for the 60’s

Being 20 in the sixties was so cut and dry

All right being 20 is cut and dry anytime

Solutions seem to exist on the tip of the tongue

How the world survived till your twenties is a miracle

The popular slogan,

“If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”

Echoed and reverberated as a standard answer for those

Wondering what is happening with this new generation

Protests and campaigns often melted into life’s responsibilities

Till today when the anguish of injustice

Still smothers, those who it always have

The weak, the poor, those of color, the disenfranchised

Surely time has not stood still

Not quite believable the country still struggles

To understand the fight for justice

Is a life long battle

Fought in other lands and at home

This country was taken from the Indians,

The soil tilled by blacks,

Developed by those with vision

Evangelized by multiple faiths

Any wonder it is sill standing

So hard to hold hands

With those we see as the enemy

Yet somehow, somehow

They are our brother and sisters!

FXC 5/31/2020 Copyright frankxcameron.com

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