Not going to deny it

The awful truth is that this existence is limited

Never wanted to concede that point in the debate

Especially this early in the game

It’s still early, right?

However now that the line in the sand has been crossed

Looking for a soft landing

Don’t know if there really is one

Some options have already been discarded

Stopped drinking, smoking to reduce those causes

Granted since no one exits at a predetermined time or method

Multiple complications crop up

One which was simply terrifying

Was the swab test for the coronavirus

Wore the mask, avoided contact with others

Online shopping became a routine

Yet, yet a procedure that had been delayed

Now had been moved to the front of the line

Thus the red flag of the swab test now flew brazenly in my face

Had already heard descriptions

None indicating a walk in the park

And since the test was given in a parking lot

While in one’s car by a nurse garbed as if traveling far from here

Was really unnerved as if this was my first shot

Knew already some had to administer the test to themselves

That would be my last choice

So the moment was now, the nurse holding what looked like a twelve inch skewer

Hardly noticed at first but quickly became quite aware of a

Very foreign object being inserted where it should

Never have been inserted

Then my Academy Award effort began

As groaning and tears added to complete degradation

Of what had once been a very proud man

Of course could not really look at the nurse now

Embarrassment was the least of my worries

As I hurriedly rushed to use the sanitary clothes

To clean my face

My prize?

Negative test

FXC 5/31/2020

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