Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning

The beauty of aging

Resides in the fading memory

Of time passed

There are moments

Not to be remembered

Other moments

Become immortalized

Like playing in the rain

Dark, ominous skies

Strong winds swirling billowing clouds

At 8, 9 or 10 probably barefoot

Just the exquisite pleasure

Of youth uninhibited by fear

Oblivious to nature’s wrath

Dancing in puddles

Parents watching from windows

Yes, yes I remember

But now on a walk

Getting ‘steps’

Forecast of rain

Umbrella clutched tightly

The sky begins its slow dance of breathing

In then out slowly

Revealing its intent

When white tentacles

Spread across the darkened sky

Providing seconds of perfect light

But remember now

Remember to wait for the thunder

The time between lightning and thunder

Will reveal how soon the rain will fall

Gosh, gosh please remember

How long do I have

I can’t remember

I really do wish I could remember

Not that I could walk faster

It would just be nice to remember

As the first drops begin to fall

FXC 7/10/19


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