The Garden of Eden?

To be sure

The story of the Garden of Eden

Illustrates that faithfulness to the Law

Will provide a simply beautiful place to live

However for those of us less fortunate mortals

“The Garden of Eden” remains a story

Unable to be fulfilled

Toil as we might

Weeds creep throughout our gardens

Strangling our hyacinths

Choking our Day lilies

Even causing blight on our roses

Furthermore there is no demarcation

For the laborers of the ‘Garden of Eden’

Or more to the point no separation of responsibilities

For those of us trying to emulate the laborers

The division of labor in a Garden

Is decided by the one most likely to have a vision

Of what a heavenly garden should look like

That individual must also have a lackey to implement said plan

And then the instructions begin:

Weed, cut grass, trim, sweep up, plant grass, lay mulch

It’s a bit much for someone who knew they were always

Going to be the odd man out

When it was discovered the apple was missing

FXC 7/10/19


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