A slight miscalculation

In the back of my mind

Which is not a desirable location to be

There are vague, hazy images

Of a young robust man

Lifting heavy objects at will

Seemingly impervious

To any consequences

Fast forward 30 years

The old images still not erased nor tested

The task which would highlight a faulty memory

Putting up two fence posts

My son went with me to Home Depot

Soon we had the posts loaded

On to the concrete ailse

Bent down to get a good grip, 60 pounds

Been awhile since I’ve lifted one of those

Bag wouldn’t budge

The old faulty image of previous lifting disapated

My 35 year old son leaned

Over gently and gracefully

Placed 4 bags of 60 pound concrete on to the cart

All my illusions of muscle mass escaped my old addled brain

Another excellent reason for a fourth child

FXC 7/1/19


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