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No explaining what possessed an old man, a very old man

To play Cupid

He was the driver of record for the delivery of grandchildren

To school, camp or home again

Years of this much needed service were provided

Till the last week of camp this very  summer

Actually till the third to the last day of camp

Which is when this very old man found out

The young lady most responsible for his grandchild

The most caring, professional camp counselor of all time

Was leaving to go back to school for the fall

Surprised but composed enough to ask where

The location and year of graduation were revealed

Mumbling thanks, the carpool continued while the old man’s mind scrambled

What had to be done was obvious

The next morning he revealed to the counselor

His eldest grandson was going to be a senior

Even thought the grandson should meet her

Enough said, planning was required

Grandson was called and asked if he would run the afternoon carpool

Even stated the purpose

The meeting occurred

But just as with the rest of our best laid plans

It’s out of our hands

Even if we are playing Cupid!

FXC Copyright 8/15/2021