Missed me

Heard tell that Covid has taken one out of every 500 Americans

Having recently recovered from a brutal Covid experience

I must conclude to be vey grateful to be carrying on this conversation

Without any media touted cures other than bed rest and luck

That and sharing this fretful experience with a long time friend

Which finally brought us to  this Monday, when “Quarantine” no longer applies to us

So now what?

For a few days was not concerned who said what, where

For many years was of the opinion all was white, Protestant and just like the morning mirror

To this day to grapple with accepting nothing has changed since 1776 nor does anyone agree pretty much about anything

However, however pretty much though I have found some old friends

Quite bereft of sanity, nonetheless I still find them caring old friends

Which maybe is exactly how they have always perceived me!  Amen.

FXC frankxcameron.com 9/18/2021 Copyright