The Garden

Ah, the years of toiling

With Mother Nature

By tilling, planting and nurturing in rain and sun

Tomatoes, cucumbers even pumpkins, canning

Young children running, chasing rabbits away

The scene fading to flower beds

As knees and backs wince and creek with the seasons

Grandchildren now playing with the dirt and watering

But the last grandchild now 3 starting preschool

Leaves the garden for us to manage

As the hot wafts of August days stifle breathing

We already look to the cooler fall

Ever hopeful

That our time in our yard

Will continue

Not wanting to accept or understand

We will not be able to always collaborate with nature

But oh praying so fervently

We will always be able to

See and smell the flowers

Watch the birds and squirrels

Of our life’s garden

FXC 8/6/19


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