A friend at 11

Not really conceivable now

That we became friends at 11

Actually met you with others

Most who are still with us today

We were embarking on a journey

To change the world

To shepherd lost souls

1962 seems but a distant moment

Yet it changed my life and it’s perspective

We joined hearts and hands in our quest

Most of us were unable to complete that journey

Plagued by doubts and distractions

Nonetheless friends we have remained

Interrupted by other commitments

Family, work travel

Yet now we sit together

On Monday mornings at 9

Not to rehash what might have been

Or what could still be

But now just to smile and bask

In the he warmth of our

Old, tired, but so satisfying friendship

Thank God for you all

I love you guys and always will

FXC 8/7/19


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