So it seems

There are some methods

To increase longevity

But first


Depending on the quality of your life

You might not want to remain here too much longer

But say you do

How is that achieved?

Seemingly not smoking, not drinking, healthy eating, exercise

Will add years to your earthly existence

But then there are those who speak of moderation

In all things

Will still result in increased years

Even have had a few relatives

Who seemed to enjoy

Disregarding sage advice

By living as they seemed fit

And living much longer

Than could have been predicted

Yet the latest prognostication

Of increasing earthly years

Is the happiness

Of your closest friend or friends

Absolutely shocking

That how much you

Do for others would matter

How could self sacrifice

Have anything to do

With happiness

Our own or someone else’s

All though can’t deny

Some ancient writings

From the Bible, the Koran

Have certainly spoken to this issue

Maybe just maybe

Rather than mindless steps

For exercise

Those same steps

Could propel me

To do more for others

What a concept that is!

Probably then

Longevity is measured

By the good that is done

FXC 8/5/19


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  1. Nice sentiment summed up in the final lines.

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