So, as one might review their lives

Occasionally themes may emerge

Items the individuals wanted

To emphasize in their lives

Being a good father,a faithful husband,

Provide, friend

Needless to say the list is endless

Of benchmarks we wanted to display

As our legacy

And yet left out of our voluminous history

Is potentially a controversial subject


Sit tight now

As this subject is not to be taken lightly

Most of us

Have been touched by the subject of doughnuts

We wouldn’t even know of doughnuts

If a family member

Had not introduced them to us

Maybe a grandparent visiting on a Sunday morning

Please, please don’t try to act like your nose was upturned

As you first saw and then smelled Sunday morning doughnuts

Childhood curiosity would have drawn

You to the box

And while we are on the subject of doughnuts in a box

I believe the first lesson doughnut shops teach their new employees

Is how to scotch tape a doughnut box

It is easier to break into a bank vault than it is to open a doughnut box

A knife or scissor are required to open the box

So there then as we have all stood peering into the box

As if our laser eyes could procure our most desired selection

Quickly our first choices are gone

We learn then by attrition our preferences

We also learn that a dozen doughnuts in a large family

Is inadequate

But the grandparent has cemented their legacy with

The gift of doughnuts

A legacy that now you will pass on

No, no don’t tell me doughnuts are not healthy

Sugar and starch are the hallmarks of enticement to eat

We all battle the smell, the taste even the appearance of a sweet, sweet doughnut

Thus there is always more than one doughnut shop in any city of size

You were brought up so that as you learned to drive

You learned where your closest shops were

Starting a family though other shops were discovered

There are even vegetarian doughnuts, “that’s not right”

Naturally arguments ensue

As to whether there is addiction involved

Mere verbiage

Other obsessions are allowed fresh terminology

Why can’t ‘ambience’ or ‘aficionado’ be used

Maybe if visiting a doughnut shop

Becomes a daily trip as opposed to a weekly occurrence

But that is what abstinence is for isn’t it?

So again our choices are murky

Ensure the children appreciate sweets

Or ensure they don’t

Good Luck with that!



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