Oh that voice


Hearing aids seem like they might be a nuisance

But when I heard your call

But really your voice

The hearing aids transferred the memory of you immediately to my brain

Whch is when my eyes closed and I saw you, so, so clearly

I’ve known you since I was 12

So long since I had seen or heard from you

This pandemic seemed to bury us all in  our own worlds

But then you called and like a hologram

I could see you, in the many moments I have known you

Skinny freshmen playing pick up basketball

Prayerful boys trying to be better

Adult lives consuming us as we started families

Your call like the breeze through leaves

Breathed new life into a listless mind

Reminding me of the multitude of precious moments we have shared

Of course we reminisced about our aging bodies and nagging injuries

Yet, the real palpable feeling was that we needed to be again

Together and not just on the phone as sweet as it was

That you called me

Thank you precious friend

FXC frankxcameron.com 05/17/2021 Copyright