Dog poop

Some of life’s lessons
Take a lifetime to learn
Oftentimes one’s earlier years

Are spent ‘spinning one’s wheels

Never enough time in the day

Necessitates shortcuts

To accomplish the requirements of the ‘good things’

Working, raising children, married

Will tax any schedule

Even now writing has taken a back seat to

The ‘To do list’

Never worried about dog poop before

Fed, watered the dog

Even  had dogs that were walked

Some regularly relieved themselves while on a walk

But a few, particularly the current one, Hannh,

Is a thirteen years old black rescue lab

Who now is of the opinion that locating her favorite spot in the back yard is quite alright

Yet, yet Hannah does not understand

That the back yard is the private property of the mistress of the house no less

The propieter of the bock yard, spends endless hours grooming

And cajoling life out of a  once dormant landscape

The protocol of where a dog poops and who will clean it up and when

Should have been in the original contract when this relationship started

And I’m quite sure like so many other prior edicts

This one had already been explained to me many, many times before

But cutting grass will often bury dog poop

Eliminating the need to remove it

But when grandchildren started arriving the rule began to be rigidly enforced

Hmm?  Patio home time?

FXC 5/15/2021 Copyright