Not Really Even A Number

Surely a Census Questionaire

Has crossed this desk before

Granted signatures don’t seem to be needed anymore

Especially if ‘Hey Siri or Go Google’

Or some other summing of the dictation gods

Forgot ‘Alexa’ are available

But beyond that 50 million questions

To determine my living status, sexual orientation, age and nationality

That can actually be understood except nationality

That one sticks in the craw

Used to be when they were here the older relatives would lean on their canes

Reminiscing about so and so and where it all started

Best they could remember

But now those older relatives include yours truly

Who remembers stories of the ‘old days’

But wasn’t really there

Home movies sometimes on a grainy screens

Would occasionally illuminate a pastoral scene

Don’t know anymore

If it matters where one came from

As much as it matters

How hard one tried when they got there

FXC 04/03/2020


2 thoughts on “Not Really Even A Number

  1. Very insightful… cane to lean on…as a matter of fact never met a grandparent. Now my 5th census….oh that’s problem…my wide filled the blue thing out…I never saw it out of the envelope. Well, that’s done…one civil duty completed….onto staying alive insolation.

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