20 in 2020

Needed just a few items

Bananas, oranges, gardening gloves

These days mostly having needed items delivered

But today, late on a Friday,

Slipped my mask on

Headed to ‘Sauls Vegetable Market’

Yes, the name was changed to protect the innocent

Just grabbed a carry basket as I entered

Knew full well the location of bananas and oranges

The gardening gloves required a question

Usually a quick checkout

This time manned

By two perfectly young ladies

Well perfectly and young are redundant

Okay add ladies to the pleasant formula

Exchanged banter about the crazy times

Mentioned how they could now give their examples of having lived through tough times

To which one delightful miss replied

“Yes, when I was twenty in 2020….”

FXC 4/4/2020 Copyright


2 thoughts on “20 in 2020

  1. Had same exact contact at noon yesterday…at “Saul’s”.  Parking lot full…people spread out..Greetings from three isles over…all well wishes.So, pleasant, finishing tilling garden.., later will return for plants to fill my first “Victory Garden”.  Boomers are from those gardens…cyclical lives.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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