The Mask

State Fair Winner

American folklore is replete

With examples of those stepping forward in times of trouble

To fill a need or vanquish a foe

Paul Revere, Rosie the Riveter, are just two examples

Many , many more have been in our lives but are no more

For their sacrifice

Their example continues to this day in the efforts of

Volunteer organizations who seek to assist those less fortunate

Today there is a desperate need for masks for the Coronavirus

Did not really understand the seriousness of this lack of equipment

However, maybe not in my back pocket but my always thinking

Seamstress associate, State Fair winner extraordinaire

Made so many dresses, shirts,costumes for family members

A natural conclusion she could be brought on board for masks

So like many stepping forward we have masks, plaid masks

Thank you precious seamstress!

FXC 04/02/2020


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