Never met one like her

Admittedly there are dog families and cat families

Have know a few that had both

Seemingly there is just as much prejudice about likening a dog or cat

As there is about the color of your skin or your religion

But my ilk were dogs

Which gave me the opportunity to be involved

In the socialization of ‘Molly”

My daughter’s families latest rescue dog acquisition

Seeking to stay active and a new six month old puppy

Would present endless energy

The challenge would be to simply let Molly outside

And let her water the lawn or whatever

Have trained many a dog over the last fifty years

‘Back of my hand’ is my reference manual

Observe animal’s behavior until goal is achieved and repeat

Never failed till now

Did forget to mention Molly is a bloodhound

A beautiful red brown big bloodhound

Only knew bloodhound were very good at sniffing

Their least acquired skill was watering the lawn when requested

Nonetheless daily, clear, rainy, or spitting snow

This ritual was pursued

Alas I had met my training match

No not Molly

Her nose, her OCD nose

Everything, everything had to be smelled, sniffed, and inhaled

Occasionally a neighbors dog might bark

Momentarily halting the search for a new scent

Sought out clues to my training failure on Google

Bloodhounds can track their prey for five miles

Five miles, I can’t walk five miles

Walking the yard for five miles would be a day’s walk

Originally had this idea that after Molly had done her duy

That she would be rewarded with a treat when taken in

95% of the time she would not merit a reward

But for going back in the house she got one anyway

Now the routine continues with Molly

Spending most of her search

Circling me until I take her in and give her a

Most undeserved treat!

At least I was well trained

Frank X Cameron 2/22/2020


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