What do you want to be when you grow up?

So great to be four, five even six

When playing fireman, policeman

Occupied your time

Well, then, it was cowboys and Indians

Then that crazy concept of school started

With it’s mandated idea of educational happiness

To mold perfect citizens

Pouring into young minds

What was considered necessary for success

And by the end of high school

Hopefully an inkling was starting to germinate

In your pursuit of happiness

But money is the measurement of success

Not enough, you are not a success

So your education may or not spell

How you are viewed

But get passed that

As spouse and children might envelope your life

Taking it in an altogether different direction

And then for goodness sake grandchildren and retirement

Rename and repurpose you

And then what

There are those who know better what you need to be doing

Downsize, go slower, try puzzles

Let someone else watch the grandchildren

Maybe this is the time to read that book, paint that picture

Take up a new language

Hell I’ve only had 70 years and never done those yet

How ‘bout I just be me?

Whatever that may be

FXC. 5/31/2020. Copyright frankxcameron.com

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