Learning Curve

Don’t quite get it

How did we all come to get raised

A million different ways I think

We all watched behaviors of other families

Some were praised by our parents

Some castigated

Most of our parents observations of others

Pointed the way for us to follow

But there never has been a pass fail system

For being a child or a parent

Or for that matter a member of this society

Yet all that being as it is

The question on the table today

Is there a college degree for marriage

Haven’t seen one yet

50% of marriages end in divorce

Many, many are not even bothering

To take the plunge these days


The learning curve is incredibly steep in marriage

Oh, sure usually the first few years are filled

With Wanderlust or just lust

Of course that is presuming that

Cohabitation didn’t occur before the marriage

But then children might enter the picture and jobs

Now never did see a class on handling that

No book smarts to guide

And then cataclysmically

Children, jobs all vaporize

You are now staring

At a selfie and your loved one

That’s what I’m talking about

Now what do you do

You are unleashed to pursue dreams

Some of which you didn’t even know you had

Are both spouses on board


Sometimes not

Potentially a whole new educational field

A college degree of finishing the deal

Might be alone on this one

Really shouldn’t be

After fifty years should have seen this coming

Have to presume I’ll get tutored

As I did for my first degree

BS in “Surviving”

FXC 8/8/19


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