When the candle goes out

Oftentimes depending on ones’s faith

A candle is lit by both families

Who are uniting their children in marriage

That one candle then becomes the symbol

Of the solidarity of the families and friends

Supporting the new couple

But like so much in life

The young couples’s life

Starts with their hopes and desires

Some planned some not

As in any relationship

Ups and downs

Anxiety and enthusiasm

Seem to wax and wane

Maybe even in the same day

Jobs, children, houses

All create their own distractions

For a loving relationship

And yet the magic of ‘love’

Grows and matures

Unless it doesn’t

Slowly imperceptibility

Cracks in a relationship can occur

None can judge as each couple is unique

But three factors can never be forgotten

For the magic of ‘us’ to continue

Unimpeachable belief in your spouse

Might the spouse have weaknesses, etc, cleaning, finances

Yet at the end of the day your spouse is THE one

Impregnable confidence in your self

Are you the richest, tallest smartest

Maybe not but you are as good as they get

Finally the rock solid belief

That as a couple you two are the

Best for each other, your children and for your world

If faith, hope and charity are nurtured between a couple

The candle stands a very good chance of burning brightly

FXC 8/11/19


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