How do 3 year olds rule the world?

It’s not like I didn’t have children

I had plenty of children

It’s just that it was a wild and wonderful time

As if I was getting to relive my own childhood

My mind was disjointed

Going in 20 directions at once

Just a phenomenal life

Children, school, work and oh, yeah, married

But that was only for the first 30 years

It has been the second phase of my life

That has raised the bar about pure bliss

Grandchildren who at first I had no preconceived notions about

As if I had never held a child before

Now I was allowed to hold the most

Precious miracle of all time

Everything they did or said

Was to be quoted endlessly

Their gestures, their smiles

As if angels were looking in my direction

But I was not alone

I’ve caught other grandparents

Looking just as silly as I

Now I have the time to reflect

On how these little ones mesmerize us

Their eyes and their little hands

Are so busy doing their little things

That when they look at you or reach out for your hand

It is as if you have been invited to the most private and privileged group

But your presence can only be requested

By eye contact or the reaching out of the hand

Nonetheless even in this small little part of the world


Never have gotten used to having

To wait in line behind NaNa

So be it

I’ll patiently wait my turn

FXC 7/13/19


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