Endless Faith

The daughter of a Navy man

Would be expected to make a bed

So straight as to bounce a coin

The children of that woman

Would of course have also learned that skill

Her husband however had escaped that lesson

His father was a lawyer in the Army

His lessons were about the law

Not blankets and sheets

Always understood why

A bed should be made a specific way

Begin the day with structure

But jumping out of bed first

Did not provide a consistent opportunity

To learn Navy bed making

But whoa, whoa

The day did arrive in which

Arising early was not required

Now a lesson I might have learned

50 years ago


The bed is stripped as the sheets need to be washed

Oh, this is going to be a long lesson

Redundant, redundant

Yes, yes I have had this lesson numerous times

And sloughed it off

But now I am the focus of this woman

The last one to learn

How to make a bed

Even the grandchildren have mastered this skill

So there I am cornered

Near the corner of the bed

My sweet ever hopeful wife

Looking in my eyes

Trying again to impart

Her Father’s legacy

So earnest in her belief

That her passion, her belief in me

Will provide the world

With another proficient

Bed maker

Yes, yes those eyes of faith

Have their effect

As I reach for the other corner

To start our day!

FXC 7/13/19


2 thoughts on “Endless Faith

  1. You each have eyes which tell a miraculous story of love, faith, unfaltering belief in each other. You are my heros. I love you. And your poetry.

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