Got to admit

Three generations

Have snuck by

Since my teens

Great crisis then also

Times never change

Just whose telling the story

Vietnam and ‘The Man’

Were the main issues

Apparel and appearance

Were the personal manifestations

Of the changes occurring

Long hair, beards

Bra less


Protests, sit downs

Confrontations daily

Lest my memory fails me entirely

This generation has obtained a

PhD degree in tattoos

Had noticed a few

But a visit to the pool

Revealed a whole panorama

Of style, color, size and purpose

Political sayings, dedications

Warnings, flowers, birds

Some just minuscule

Hardly able to be seen

Others as if a coat over one’s whole back

Even others in places

An old man should not have noticed!

Ah a new generation of artists


FXC July 7/21/19


2 thoughts on “Tattoos

  1. Ah, Frank you are still alive and participating in life to the max….and obviously not blind. The human body has, in this culture become the canvas of artistic expression. We can celebrate the fact the the art is so public and accessable….no admission fee to these galleries of glory. And, oh what subject matter will be next.

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