Hearing Aids

Oh my

Need to tell you

For so long

Too long

Had difficulty hearing what you said

Lip reading was becoming

A poorly learned skill of mine

Reacting to other people’s faces

My main method for understanding

What was said

No one needed to use hushed tones

Around me

As my befuddled face

Spoke of my ignorance

Grocery clerks would speak to me

Then turn to my wife

So clear their poignant observation

My children would just talk louder and slower

Grandchildren are always loud

So actually I was good there


What! My world has come back

Yes, yes

First of course the birds chirping while I walk

My own footsteps on carpet or wood

The microwave when turned on

The humming of the refrigerator

Water running

Felt like ‘Helen Keller’ bless her soul

So many times while laying close to you

Needed to get up on my elbow

To watch your lips

As you tried to talk to me

Repeating something for the hundredth time

Still not perfect but now I have no excuse

For not hearing you

There is a downside

At night they have to be taken out

The sensation is like being submerged in water


So muffled

Everything becomes so muffled

Till the next morning

Now putting the hearing aids in

Completes my morning routine




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