So what now?

So many things

Define how a person matches up

With the template of who they should really be

We are born and then nurtured with

Trite sayings, like, “You can tell a man by the shine of his shoes”

Or, “You don’t see so and so doing that, don’t you do it”

It is as if the panorama of the sky has floating instructions

On how you should lead your life

But there are limits

One is that a person should be organized

Clean their room, their house, be clean,

Be kind to others, feed the hungry

Finally we all become aware we will not

Accomplish all we need to in this lifetime

And yet there seems to be one or two goals

That scream for attention


Yes, yes and yet it is held up as the mark

Of an organized person, a competent administrator of their own lives

For years paperwork can be piled

In the file cabinet

Once a year the material is perused

Accounts closed and tossed

One or two folders established

Others discarded

There really is no strategy

To make sense of a file cabinet

But then one day

Don’t know why it was one day

It was just like any day

Maybe time had eliminated most of the files

Now with the house paid off, the cars paid off

Credit cards at a minimum

Now does it just make sense

To leave a legacy

To prove that we had measured up

To one of life’s goals

Another item on the bucket list completed

It is as if we could hermetically seal

The file cabinet drawers

We have completed that task

The assigned duty to be organized

And yet

So what now?



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