The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

Unaware 70 years ago of the arrival

Of she who would be the princess of my world

In another city, another state

Might have been in a different world

Yes, there are many pictures and cards anotating

Her history and story

Long before I arrived other friends and boyfriends, family

Were in the mix

Finally at 17 I was able to debut

At a chance meeting arranged by her best friend my sister

Already almost family

Smitten is an understatement

Took two dates for my future to unfold

Has taken 50 years for me to understand

How little men really understand about loving

Do understand that this gift is not infinite

That life takes a toll

Our walk through life full of stumbles, skips and jumps

Will continue in each other’s arms

From this day forward

I love you Julie Becker

Happy Birthday!

FXC 5/19/2020


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