Adopted family

There is a school of thought

I might have married too young

20 seemed a good biological choice

However there is a possibility my

Maturity level was 14

Can’t say I had assimilated all the information

My parents had been trying to pass on

Seemingly just wanted to get out the door

And REALLY? The young lady I was looking at

Had all the right prospects for a perfect future

For both she and I

And the six children we had already decided to have

Would have helped if I had remembered

One iota of insights I should have inherited

And yet, and yet

Caught a significant break

My new adopted family seemed to be concerned

There daughter, and sister

Might need a little help

Training her new young man

Nothing wrong with luck

It has taken decades and much imput

From brothers, father-in-law, Mother-in-law, sisters

To train, mold, cajole

The new adopted member of their family


When prettied up

I now stand as a proud example that

‘Hope springs eternal’



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