Just don’t know

Sometimes it seems as if the world is shrinking

Seems like it used to be

Unlimited possibilities

Of opportunities and energy

Suppose age might play a role in that

One area where the opposite occurs

Is religion

Depending on inherited or acquired faith

Oftentimes specific rules or commandments

Were required for acceptance by that religion

Never really had it explained

All the various religions and beliefs

Seemingly though admission to eternal life

Was dependent on ‘living the faith’

Occasionally an update might occur for the particular group

One item that often remained the same was that violence

Might be inflicted on opposing views

Martyrs seem be commonplace in all beliefs

There is some wonder then if a loving Supreme Being

Is commanding all this

Or if religion is a tool of manipulative humans

Is there any sense in this world?

Can there be conclusive PROOF

Of a Creator

Then here we are

From a modicum of world views

To a panorama

Of who we really are

And where we might be going

If that even ends up mattering

How would it be if the answer

Lay in all of of mankind

Heaven help us



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