6 year anniversary

Happy Anniversary! Unfortunately I bring to our marriage today

No more than I bought six years ago

I am sorry about that

Someday I hope to be able to offer you more

You have been so patient

Somehow it seems we always

Have hope and each other

The children enrich our marriage

But only if we are together ourselves and

Receptive to them

This little note

Could be filled with your virtues

But you do not believe me when I tell you anyway

Let me tell you instead what the girls and I have now that

That we would not have had, if I had not met you

You have been so gentle with us

You softly answer our questions and more

Your warm body with sleepy smile

Has accepted us in forever hugs

In your arms

Our day begins securely with

Your acceptance

We have grown from your rays

We have life from your rain

We have hope from your belief

Memories, memories

That you have given us

We recognize and respond to you

Only you, only you

So much Julie to know

Sixty more years to go

I do not want to comment on our poverty

We never will have all that we might want

Ergo, why worry about what we don’t have

When we have all that we need




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