Naked and bare

As it were

Discovered myself

Exposed for what I was

A presumptuous bombastic know it all

All my views of how the world should be

Which I believed I shared with so many

Left shredded as I learned

That who I thought were very close friends

Believed exactly the opposite of me

Sick, sick, sad, depressed

There is no good in the world anymore

No coherent path to good and fair

How do you even relate to ‘THOSE’ people

Obviously not even morally fully developed

How do I keep living in this world of

Spiritually bankrupt souls if they even have souls

Shoved in my face that throughout my entire life

Was that I walked, ate, played and was even related

To some of these same individuals

Could it be that I had discovered the real demarcation

Between good and evil

That my eternal effort now

Must be to defeat their thought processes

I could name names

And would if by doing so

Would change their minds

Or have one iota of affect on their behavior

No, no what hurts in my souls

Is that it took 70 years

70 years

To learn this one

Universal truth

You are not me

Thank the Lord



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