Sunny but still cool Tuesday evening

As your red pick up truck with motor running

Was parked outside Kroger

I saw your oxygen line hanging from your face

You rolled down the window

Your face started telling your story

Before you even spoke

Knew your wife had died last year

It was obvious you missed her cooking

You admitted to losing thirty pounds

Your torments then flowed from you

In and out of the hospital with unknown ailments

Twelve years ago when you had these same type ailments

Ruth had helped to nurse you back

Now you look up from a hospital bed

In a white, white room

With only regrets to recollect

A long life, seventy six years

Unfulfilled dreams

Feelings not expressed

Unable to forgive yourself

Lost, lost in the endless downward spiral

We spoke of the good you had done towards myself and others

You could acknowledge that you had tried to do right

Mostly you worried about how you had been with Ruth

Tears welled up, slowly rolling down the creases of your face

Jim, Jim I so want to hold and hug you

To tell you I love you

That you are a good man

Please forgive yourself

As truly you are the only judge there is

I wish I had opened your door to hold you

And share your tears



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