Corn Beef Hash

So many things to do

Even have gone through my bucket list

Numerous times

Not sure that a bucket list can be revised

However it would seem that given enough thinking time

Any concept can be reconfigured

Actually if there is more than one stirring the pot

Even a mutual list will have adjusted priorities

Learning French was one we inherited, on a back burner

Can’t say there was any real drive to learn French

Other than stories from previous generations

Yeah riding on the Rhine stopping to see Paris

Was definitively romantic

Projected plans formulated more than once

Surgeries and whatever delayed the dates

Now it seems as if planning is all we might do

Maybe if we rented a gondola for the Ohio

Oh yeah, wrong country

Reminiscing took us all the way back

To old family meal traditions

Each family to a degree seems like its own history book

My memories were a culinary lust menu

7 children, parents, grandparents

Certainly not going to be enough food to go around the table

It’s where I learned the real meaning of a ‘dinner bell’

Be sitting or be crying

Even today I can see the family menu day by day

Of course Friday was tuna fish casserole

Sunday very possibly could be a pork chop

The rest of the week included in no particular order

Hot dog, sauerkraut and baked potato

Chop suey out of a can with mounds of rice

Liver steak, with lots of gravy and onions

Chicken noodle soup with box of crackers

But really I’m ruining the speciality items

Sunday night without fail was the best

Everyone got a ‘Black cow’, coke poured over vanilla ice cream

So many behaviors would be corrected with a ‘Black cow’

Almost every meal had fruit out of a can, you know the list

Fruit cocktail, peaches, apple sauce,

Very frequently salads, though simple

A few leaves of lettuce, two or three slices of tomatoes

A spoonful of cottage cheese

Deserts were interchangeable

Orange jello, raspberry jello, lime jello

Vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, butterscotch pudding

Didn’t really matter if there was a preference

There was only one entree per night

But lest I forget, the dinner piece de resistance

‘Corn beef hash’,

Actually I guess I could go on with this culinary history

But what I have documented is that there were scheduled meals

With designated items much anticipated

Might not be French cuisine

But then we didn’t have to leave the house either

FXC 04/07/2020 Copyright

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