What a Weekend

Couldn’t take the time

To get away

To far to drive

To many previous commitments

To reschedule

To expensive

To be with you for a three day weekend

But they were our friends

And their child was getting married

To the love of his life

It was a long drive

But the weather was sunny and little traffic

Seeing old friends

In the true sense of the word

Was really welcome

Too long, too long between conversations

The rehearsal dinner

Was as you might expect

Geared for welcoming a new family and friends

Lots of standing on somewhat wobbly legs

Staying up later than normal

But the noise level was a barometer of the excitement

And then Saturday

Got a wonderful weather day, 71 and sunglasses were required

Spent the day visiting a pedestrian mall

Which if we had not come to the wedding

We might never have enjoyed

So perfect to spend time with you

Fifty years later, pretty much, I just want to spend time with you

And yet the purpose of the trip was in the evening

An early evening wedding, outside facing a luscious landscape

Everyone ‘dressed to the nines’

Excitement building

As the wedding party began their entrance

A small ensemble of musicians


Then the wedding couple took center stage

Beaming with joy

So glad that this moment had finally arrived

Such unmitigated happiness

Seemed to radiate over us

So wonderful,

To witness, again

The beginning of love



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