Well,so what?


The millennial birth span

Interesting group to Baby Boomers

Scads of articles and books about that group

They are

Skeptical of owning homes

Very doubtful of Government safety nets

Don’t trust private companies long term

Want unique interesting jobs

See no reason to wait for an intimate relationship

See no reason to stay in an intimate relationship

Marriage and children are not necessary requirements to be happy

There are lessons here for the Baby Boomers

To this point there is a decided difference in perspective

Between these two groups

Does that perspective matter?

Does one generation need to revisit their beliefs

Or acquiesce to the following generations beliefs

First let it be stated

“There is no behavior that goes unrewarded”

Multiple factors produce or change beliefs and attitudes

War, economy, scandal, poverty, race, media, religion, family

So that this does not become a tome it is necessary

To limit this epistle to one possible explanation

For some of the changes across generations

That might diminish

The message the Baby Boomers

Could bequeath to the next generations

Constancy and just one aspect of constancy of belief

Specifically there is no valid rationale or explanation

For intimate relationships prior to a lifetime commitment

What? Are you crazy?

Who believes that anymore?

You do, that’s who

Simple logic

Is a life mate chosen by sampling?

Theoretically choices are made by

Understanding self, your best self and

Then recognizing those qualities in others

‘Hooking up’ is an option for those creatures

Unable to procreate intelligent beings

Respect and honor are the underpinnings

For a long term relationship

Granted with a fifty per cent divorce rate

Previous generations do not prove

That abstinence prior to commitment

Is any guarantee for a long term relationship

But continued faith in the principle bolsters the effort

Is this disparity of belief and practice

Between Baby Boomers and Millennials

A direct reflection on the loss of vision by Baby Boomers?


The ‘path of least resistance’ is to ‘close ones’ eyes’

Not comment or not maintain the belief

That a long term committed relationship

Is the true indicator of respect and honor

Between a couple

Allowing, society to glorify or minimize commitment

Blurs and degrades

Adherence to our view of ourselves and others is crucial

As one generation leaves their core beliefs to the next

Respect and honor begin with personal relationships



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