The only thing worth fighting for

Traveling as often we do

To and fro

Eleven years now

So small and petite when our journeys began

There was always a destination in our plans

Life is just a chance

You were my moment to stay in the game

Aging grandfathers can flower in Florida

Letting their little ones visit

Or on the flip of a coin

Find themselves basking in the sunshine

Of their growing protege

Your first name was Princess

So always knew there was an accountability

Of our conversations

Actually my long background

Dealing with women

Prepared me to understand

Time was at a premium

Soon you would be back in school

Friends, sports, dating, career

Our time together but a memory

This past year so long

So much school work, playing, iPads, snacks, traveling

That changed today

School started back

While micromanaging your exit from the vehicle

Extolled your virtues once again

Spoke of missing you

Then your arms wrapped around my neck

Your face close to mine

You whispered, ‘Bye Papa’

Thank goodness I was wearing a mask

FXC  03/18/2021 Copyright