Serotonin? Yes or no

So it seems I have met you before
Felt your acid comments
Or warm arms around me
Noticed your upturned eye
Or turned up lips
Can you be sweet?
Or are you always going to be judgmental?
Can we be or must I let you fade away?
I want to be with you
Or play at this game
Called life
But first I must know
Who are you
Honestly I measure you
By your serotonin levels
And much affects serotonin levels
Poverty, race, social status, sex, opportunities
But even then
Those most deprived or blessed
Don’t always display serotonin
Commensurate with their state
But for me to bloom
I need you, if
You can share with me
Our serotonin levels
So that we both can flower
And not wither
Again I ask can we just be together

noremacfx 7/19.14

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