Cannondale T 800

Many, many bikes
Have I owned
Mostly after I
Turned 30
It was a fun and
Mid-life crisis
As I was able to ride to work
And chase good health
On the week-ends
I sampled Trek, Cannondale
Schwinn, Murray and I am sure
A few more I can’t remember
Finally a bike smith
A man who was old school
About bikes
Treasured the old bikes
But respected the new
Helped me find a bike
Which fit me
Something I had failed to do
For fifty years
I will forever be grateful to him
You see riding a bike
Puts me back on my horse
Restores my mobility
I’m not clumsy
While riding a bike
Nor so slow as while walking
I become a bicyclist
Riding a Cannondale T 800,

noremacfx 7/6/14

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