Did not recollect

Ok I forgot

The annual rite of Christmas

The captivating story of Santa Claus

The reindeer, the midnight ride

Little children understanding

The need to be good

To be rewarded with presents

So often now Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc

Already know what we want

But who exactly knows if we’ve been good

Don’t look in the mirror

Worst liar in the world looking back at you

Just one candidate to decide

Whose been naughty and nice

Yes it is Santa Claus I was told

By an introspective four year old

As she gazed through a Christmas tree display

Santa knows if you’ve been bad PaPa

Didn’t want to tell her

There was a long line of people

Who know if I had been bad

Let’s leave them outside of this conversation

FXC 10/12/2020

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