Little eyes see it all

This moment

So indecisive about

The existence of God

Yahweh, a Supreme Being

Life tosses us in so many directions

Good, evil, apathetic

It would seem we cling

To our upbringing or rebel

But ultimately we don’t know

Whether coming or going

Most seem to feel they are the righteous

But the young, the very young

Seem to understand

The purity of goodness

That reaching out with kindness

Is an undeniable eternal gift

Thus my grandchild

Like yours

Can make a cupcake with help

Give it to you

Reaching up eyes searching


“PaPa I made this green cupcake for you because I know green is your favorite color”

I don’t even want to ask how many hairs on my head

Yes, yes your eyes, your thoughts

Refresh my faith

I love you dear child

FXC 10/2/2020

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  1. Very nice Frank!

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