Passkeys to eternity

Apple just announced that in the very near future

Passwords and sign ons will not be needed

Facial recognition or facial ID

Will be the key to unlocking

Your own personal private tech world

“Passkeys” will protect bank acvounts, wills,

In addition, your personal writings, private observations

Basically a summary of your life

What a cache!

And the whole kit and caboodle

Can be handed down to a trusted heir

Two potential issues with that

Who would be trusted to value my tech info

As much as I trust myself

Similarly would they comprehend

That this could be for eternity

Thats a pretty long time

The average attention span is 11 minutes

Outside chance interest in me for eternity might not exist

Safe bet might be to print out relevant information

Dispence to heirs who have a financial interest

And thus my purpose in life to do what I could

Will be fulfilled

And I won’t have to fool with this eternity thing

FXC 06/12/2021 Copyright